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Do you ever feel like you have too many great ideas – so many that you simply can’t get to them all? If your mantra has become, “I meant to, I wanted to, I planned to … but I didn’t,” or, “Why can’t I just get things done?” then here’s some great news: having “too […]


When was the last time you searched frantically for a memo on your desk, knowing you’d put it somewhere – but where? And how often do you have to come in early or work late just to get things done – because everyone seems to need you, on their schedule, and you’re just plain frazzled? […]


Do you worry constantly about your ADD or ADHD child? How will he get through school? Will he be able to make and keep good friends? And what about when he becomes an adult – is it possible for him to succeed in the real world? Most importantly, is his self-confidence suffering because of his […]