You love working for yourself. You enjoy setting your own hours, and your own rates, and you crave the freedom and flexibility entrepreneurship offers.

You get to do things YOUR way. You are passionate about the vision you see for your business, and can easily persuade others to see it, too.

For those reasons, owning your own business is a dream come true.

On the other hand:

  • The lack of structure makes it difficult for you to get going – whether it’s first thing in the morning, starting a new project or paying the bills.
  • Too many ideas take you in too many directions, and you don’t follow through on very many of those ideas. You find yourself saying, “I meant to, I wanted to, I had planned to” … way too often.
  • Time is never on your side. Projects take way longer than you anticipated, and you’re always running late.
  • You feel like this entrepreneurship gig is easier for other people than it is for you, and you’re tired of struggling.

At Bright Outside the Box, we know you have a gift to offer the world.

We know you are brilliant, and we can help you shine.

We also know that it’s not your fault you feel overwhelmed and frustrated – your brain really is wired differently – and we know how to turn that into an advantage for you.

We will work with you to define your preferred learning and communication style, and we will help you create the strategies and structures that work the way YOU work. Time management? It’s totally possible. Checking projects off your To-Do list? Start today. Add time into your day? Done.

Once you learn how your brain works, and develop strategies based on your own unique wiring, you will find that you have increased self-esteem and more confidence. You will find that as you stop struggling, so does your business. And you will find that you are moving forward – at work and at home.

No more overwhelm, no more procrastination, no more “I meant to do that, but I didn’t.”

How does that sound?

Again, Welcome to Bright Outside the Box – it’s a good place to be. You’re among others who are innovative and resourceful – who think outside the box and are ready to learn methods for getting things done, your way.

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