About Kricket

““Too many talented, creative entrepreneurs struggle trying to fit in. I help them use their natural, ‘Outside the Box’ strengths to stand out.”

~ Kricket Harrison

Kricket Harrison, CPCC, PACG, and the founder of Bright Outside the Box, LLC, is a Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker with a passion for helping innovative, ADD and ADDish, minds shine – for turning into strengths what some view as challenges. She helps her clients, and those who attend her presentations, maximize their creative potential by developing strategies and structures for success based on their individual learning styles.

Kricket’s background in Psychology and Organizational Communication allowed her to identify that underneath the business veil, many talented and innovative individuals didn’t “fit in” with traditional business systems and practices – and the harder they tried to do so, the more they (and their business) shut down.

That’s when she realized that these Gifted (and sometimes ADD or ADDish) individuals not only needed permission to work “Outside the Box,” but they also needed help to create strategies and structures to support their unique working style.

Today, Kricket’s passion is partnering with Gifted, Innovative and ADDish entrepreneurs to develop and implement strategies that work the way they work, for improved focus, organization, implementation (follow-through) and time management.

A sought-after speaker, Kricket is known for her dynamic and interactive presentations.  Understanding that “Outside the Box” thinkers need space to process and create, she delivers engaging workshops that are both informative and entertaining, often to standing room only crowds.

In addition to running her own company, Kricket is a Professional Coach with Parkaire Consultants, as well a Certified ADHD coach with the Edge Foundation.

In addition, Kricket

  • Is certified through the Coaches Training Institute and the ADD Coach Academy, and has training through the Center for Right Relationship, Team Coaching International, the Edge Foundation and Target Training International.
  • Is a professional member of CHADD & ADDA
  • Currently serves on the ADHD Coaches Organization Leadership Board.
  • Is the first (and only) female ADD coach for Parkaire Consultants under the direction of International Author/Expert Sheryl Pruitt.
  • Served as a Past Board Member-Georgia Coach Assoc for 2 years.
  • Has been through, or is going through everything she teaches.

Kricket resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and 3 children.  When not working, Kricket can be found reading, playing tennis, or on the beach.