You’ve done it: you earned a degree, you’re building a successful career, and you consider yourself a bona fide professional.

You attend meetings, wear a suit, take phone calls and return emails. And even better, you’re the life of the office. You’re outgoing and fun to be around. This is what you’ve always wanted, right?

Well, not exactly.

In addition to the degree, career, suit, phone calls and emails, you have:

  • Pressure. You’re done with the exams and papers you went through in college, but now you’re dealing with meetings! You’re tied down by the strict schedule, by time clocks, and by all the things everyone else needs from you.
  • Overwhelm. Organization is like a 4-letter word to you – you can never find the memos, white papers, folders or notes you stashed on your desk, and it gets old. Plus, the more you try to fit in to the traditional corporate world, the harder things get.
  • Miscommunication. Even though you’re a decent (if a little fast) communicator, you always seem to miss something.
  • Fear. What if someone discovers that you don’t really have it all together?
  • No Time. You’re always running late, and find that you have to come in to work early or stay late just to keep up with your normal duties.

At Bright Outside the Box, we understand your challenges. You’re just wired differently.

The good news is, that’s what we specialize in.

We help you determine exactly how you learn – how you’re wired – and then we help you develop customized strategies and systems for success.

Your working style can fit in to a corporate environment. You can show up to work on time, get your work done, and leave on time.

Let’s face it: your desk may not be spotless, you may not get to every item on your list every day, and you may feel overwhelmed some of the time – but after you organize your office and your life, your brilliance can shine – and it will.

Again, Welcome to Bright Outside the Box – it’s a good place to be. You’re among others who are naturally innovative and resourceful – who think outside the box and are ready to learn methods for getting things done, on their terms.  You’ll feel right at home!

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