“Kricket seemed to know me better than I new myself.  She is professional, personable, and able to get to the point along varied and imaginative paths……coaching seems like a selfish pleasure, (you) are totally focused on me……without any obligation on my part to reciprocate….one of the best things I have done for myself.  ~Diane C.


“She has the ability to work with a person at whatever level necessary depending upon the subject matter and gently bring out the best in those which she coaches.  There have been times that she has spoken to me in business terms suggesting very concrete examples of what I should do.  At other times, she uses metaphors and visualization techniques to help ease me to the next level.

Kricket has helped me learn to set annual goals for myself on multiple levels including business, financial, personal and aspirational levels.  I am grateful that I am much more equipped, whether in a new business presentation, speaking to large groups, show house opening or going to daily meetings, I walk in each door with confidence that I belong in the room.” ~Interior Designer, Atlanta, GA


“I have suffered ADHD most of my adult life. Nothing seems to work for me until I had a session with Kricket on the phone. She gave me different options to prevent distraction in my daily life. I tried the first two which is to eat protein in the morning and lunch and to exercise in the morning, not other time of the day. After 3 days, I noticed that I actually can focus more and finish things in my TO DO LIST. I recommend Kricket to help anyone who has ADHD.” ~ACM


“I sit on a ten member Board comprised of creative and strong minded individuals.  Due to the Board’s unique nature, tangible decision making during Board meetings is arduous and often difficult to achieve.  Ms. Harrison was asked to facilitate a three-day retreat for the Board.  It was like magic took place.

She structured the retreat to include hard work start to finish, interspersed with play.  The play was sometimes intended to give us rest so we could do more hard work.  But often the play was meant to teach us how to improve our group interaction.

Kricket brought out the best in each of us; our creativity flowed.  She captured our creative ideas in a way that allowed us to conceptualize them, and develop operational plans for the best ideas before the retreat ended.  She created a safe environment in which each of us could be our best.  Her skills are some of the best I’ve ever seen.” ~Judith Champion, MSW, ACG, Coach and Educator


“Kricket, Thanks for creating the space—physical, mental & emotional, for safety, connection, direction and transformation.  What a journey!” ~Robb Garrett


‘Kricket, You offered us a framework with all the human amenities that would enhance our experience toward tremendous productivity…Your mind generates ideas at the speed of dominoes falling.  I find your kinship with a business orientation stimulating.  It bridges me to the main street of reality.” ~Ose Schwab


“Masterful job on facilitating and leading our merry band.” ~Katherine Jahnke


“A brilliantly talented coach who is claiming her specialty in a new brighter, bigger and authentic style…aligned with who she is and who she works best with…professionals who think outside the box and have attention obstacles. They need strategies for quick thinking, fast moving people. Sound like anyone you know? She’s quickly acquiring the reputation as a Go-To-Goddess!” ~Laura West Author, The Joyful Business Guide


“Thanks for a presentation chock full of information and great ideas.” ~Alan Graham, ADDvisor.com


“Kricket gave a great presentation and modeled great flexibility and poise.  I loved the helpful hints that most people don’t think about.”  ~Tiffany deSilva, MSW  BrightFire Network


“Kricket is one of the most passionate speakers I have met.” ~ACO Conference attendee


Kricket is an idea catalyst. You bring one idea to her, and you leave with a notebook full of creative, visionary plans. Kricket combines extensive training in personality assessment and coaching with a natural intuition, and consistently provides “outside the box” solutions to blocks and challenges. Whether you are working with her one-on-one, in a group, or in an audience, Kricket revs up your synapses and gets the creative energy flowing. ~ Angela Stalcup, Executive Director, Atlanta at Ladies Who Launch


Kricket does an EXCELLENT job in ensuring that people make beneficial connections!! ~ Nicole Henderson, MBA, Public Relations and Branding Consultant at Selsi Enterprises


Kricket Harrison is not only beautiful, she is brilliant. She can take complex concepts that stand in the way of women performing at their maximum potential and make them easy to understand and implement. She is a focused coach and ally and she loves helping women become the very best they can be. ~Dawn Billings, Founder at Heart to Heart Media