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I am glad you are here.  This is the spot to visit for short tidbits on everything from Focus and Follow-through to Procrastination and Parenting.  I will share articles, links, video, resources, some humor and even a few of my own opinions.  Be sure to check the bar above to find the latest posts on your favorite topics.  You are welcome to leave a comment.  Just remember, please keep it clean.

Speaking of topics, what’s the most important one for you?  Focus, Overwhelm, Ideaphoria (too many ideas), Procrastination, Organization, Time Management?  Maybe it’s Sleep and Scheduling?  Oh, I know a good one, Memory—from ‘where did I put that?’ to ‘why can’t I remember this?’  What about Details?

For me, it’s all linked together.  When one thing spirals out of control, it has a domino effect.  We can’t always prevent the spiral, but we can learn how to set up the dominoes differently.

Thanks for joining me for a life that’s Bright Outside the Box!

Kricket Harrison

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